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A trend-setting blend of tradition with a modern twist. Each piece in this collection is distinctively adorned with a mesmerizing textured pattern on all drawer fronts, culminating in a dramatic aesthetic experience. The set is further enhanced by stunning acrylic hardware, adding an elegant touch to the overall design. The mirror, with its innovative LED accent lighting, gives a touch of sophistication, creating a soothing ambiance. However, the true masterpiece of this collection is the headboard. With its PU textured faux leather and exquisite accent lighting, it commands attention and becomes the focal point of any room. This bedroom set reinterprets the classic Louie Philippe design, offering a fresh and contemporary look that will transform any bedroom into a luxurious retreat. The Zion Bedroom Collection is not just furniture; it’s a lifestyle statement.

Fabric / Finish                   Metallic

Color                                   Dark Grey

Carton CBM                        2.32

Carton CBFT                       81.93

Cartons                                8

Weight                                 424.83 lbs

Fabric Content                     75% Polyurethane|15% Polyester|10% Cotton

Material Composition           MDF, SOLID WOOD, PLYWOOD

Cleaning Instructions           S: Mild, water-free cleaning solvent

Box Spring Required?          Yes

Slat Information                    3